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Related post: Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 10:07:21 EST From: Subject: Trinity - Origins Chapter ThreeThe following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.Disclaimer: The following story may contain erotic situations little preteen topsites between consenting adults. If it is preteen beauties nude illegal for you to read this please leave now. If you preteen girls pic enjoy this story please check out my other stories, City Of Dreams and Center Stage can be found in the Adult Friends section on Nifty, The Fifth Power can be found in the SciFi/Fantasy section, Popular can be found in the college section or all my preteen actress photo stories can be found at my Yahoo! Group or you can send me an email at Please remember to include something about the story in the subject line. There is also a one shot (short story) available in the group called The Curse of the Romani, a story about a gypsy vampire hunter. Thank you so much!This is the second part in the Trinity Series, it would be beneficial if you read the first part before reading this, Trinity - Isle Of Terror.Trinity - Origins By: Michael PhilipsChapter Three"It's great to see preteen russian gallery you." Alec cursed at how stupid he sounded preteens skirts but smiled as he saw Reyhen's grin widen a bit. He shook his brother's hand. "Come on in." Alec stepped to the side to allow him room to pass. "I'll grab your suitcase.""Thanks." Reyhen nodded and stepped extreme preteenz inside. His eyes were immediately drawn to Vanessa. "And that would mean you must be Vanessa.""The tits gave it away, didn't it?" Vanessa laughed.Alec groaned silently to himself at her joke, but he figured that Reyhen better get used to her right away. As discount preteen sites he stepped inside with the suitcase he watched as his brother tried not to laugh. His rich chuckle finally slipped from preteen modeles nude his lips as he offered her his hand."Just a little bit." He grinned."So, should we call you Reyhen or do you prefer RJ?" Alec asked."Either one is fine by me." RJ shrugged and gave them a small smile.He set his bag down next to him on the floor. His arms stretched up over his head, Alec noticing the thick muscles as they flexed. Even though RJ was slightly shorter than he was, preteen czech models Alec knew that his brother was built nearly the same as he was. Vanessa's eyes glanced around at both of them, amazed how the similarities they shared. She expected RJ to pic preteen taboo look like them slightly, but it still surprised her."I have your hair and sense of humor." RJ smiled at her, almost ilegal pedo preteens reading her thoughts. "And I have Alec's eyes and body type.""Well thank the gods for that because you'd look pretty silly with tits." Vanessa laughed."Great." Alec groaned as RJ and Vanessa both laughed at her joke. "I'm stuck with two warped sense of humors." He paused as RJ looked over at him. "That is...if you're staying?"Tension suddenly appeared thickly in the air. RJ had been extremely nervous during the trip to the Manor. As wonderful as his adopted family was, he had felt an immediate connection with his blood siblings. He wasn't sure what type of nude preteens boys relationship they wanted, but he hoped they could at least be friends. After a few moments RJ nodded."I'd like to stay." His deep voice quietly rumbled in the air. "If you'd have me."Vanessa walked over and pulled RJ into a hug. It only took a few seconds for RJ to wrap his arms tightly around her. Tears he had promised himself wouldn't appear filled his eyes. Alec kicked the door shut with his foot and moved over to his brother and sister. RJ looked up and his gazed locked with his brother's tear filled eyes. He lifted one of his arms out towards Alec. Alec smiled and moved into the preteen angels underage embrace. His arms wrapping tightly around his siblings."Welcome home." Alec's soft voice washed over them.They stood like that together for a long time. The realization of what was happening hitting them all deeply, the awkwardness that had been in the air suddenly disappeared. top preteen 3d indian preteen pic It was as almost like an unseen hand had taken away all of their fears, and maybe in some way, that was correct.*RJ smiled to himself as he finished unpacking his suitcase into the dresser in juliet preteen model his room...his room. preteen naked forums It was a phrase that he was still trying to work out in his mind. He was in a bit of shock over how quickly Vanessa and Alec not only opened angels preteen photo their hearts but their home to him as well. He mentally scolded himself for being so ridiculous. Why wouldn't they be open with him, he was their brother preteen nudist daughter after all. His nerves were just getting the best of him. Reyhen wasn't sure what his own reaction was yet to the fact he suddenly had two other older siblings, blood siblings in fact.After sliding his suitcase under the bed, he decided that he needed to meditate a bit to try and clear his head. Reyhen climbed up into the center of the large, comfortable bed and pulled his legs up underneath his body. His eyes slowly closed as he concentrated on his breathing. It was only a few moments before a knock at his door interrupted him."Come in." RJ's eyes opened as Alec's head appeared behind the partially opened door."Was just checking to see if you were settling in okay." Alec smiled."I'm all unpacked." RJ returned his brother's smile. "This room is amazing. Thank you so much. I was just about to meditate a bit.""You're welcome." Alec started to pull out of the room. "I'll let you get back to your meditating. Yell if you need anything.""Alec, wait!" Reyhen waited for his brother's head to pop back into the room. "You could stay and meditate with me, if you'd like.""Sure. That would be nice." Alec moved into the room, his bare feet padding quietly on the hardwood floor.Alec gently closed the door stories sex preteen behind him and climbed up on the edge of thaimisc preteen nude the bed, also tucking his legs underneath him. He gave RJ a warm smile preteennonnude models before closing his eyes and relaxing his body. It only took a few minutes for Alec to slow down his breathing and feel his body start to slip into the zone. As Alec tried to clear galleries preteen sex his thoughts out though frustration built inside of him. Normally his mind emptied without any effort, but Alec was suddenly having difficulty doing that. A frustrated sigh slipped from his lips after a few minutes."You okay?" RJ's warm voice was soft and calming."I don't top preteen nymph know." Alec's eyes opened and he found himself gazing into RJ's near identical blue eyes. "I can't focus. This is too weird because I've been meditating since like american preteen nude grade school and have never had any problems.""You and me both." Reyhen replied. Alec looked at him curiously. "I can feel myself starting to slip into that state, but I just can't go fully in. If that makes any sense.""Yeah, it does. Totally." Alec brushed a stray strand of blonde hair from his face. Before Alec had a chance to say anything else there was a knock on the bedroom door."Come in, Vanessa." RJ called out with a smile."How did you know it was me? Are you psychic?" Vanessa asked as naturist nudes preteen she stepped into the room and then broke out in a chuckle. "Or maybe since our brother was already here you used your phenomenal powers of deduction.""That could be it." RJ laughed and smiled at his sister. Her sense of humor was one of preteen panti the first things that put preteen panties stories him to ease."So whatcha up to?" Vanessa climbed onto the preteen comic porn edge of the bed."We were trying to meditate." Alec chuckled."Sorry! Did I interrupt?" Vanessa looked back and forth between her brothers, worried that she had intruded."No, you didn't." Reyhen sighed and smiled gently at her. "We haven't been porn preteen x able to.""That's odd." Vanessa tilted her head thoughtfully. "Maybe it's just all the excitement from today?""It's possible, but I've meditated in situations preteen halloween party a lot more stressful than this." Alec drummed his fingers on his muscular legs."Well, let's try it together." Vanessa shifted herself into a comfortable position, mimicking her brothers as she pulled her legs preteen topless bbs underneath her. The trio relaxed and focused on the sounds of their breathing. It wasn't long before Vanessa realized what the guys were talking about. Her breathing had easily steadied and deepened, but she was unable to shift the stray thoughts from her head. She tried to focus as deeply as she possibly could, but nothing seemed to be working."I see what you mean." Vanessa blew a strand of hair off of her face. "My thoughts have never been so murky.""You sure about that?" Alec asked without opening his eyes. If preteen indian sluts he had opened his eyes, he would have been able to avoid the punch Vanessa landed on his shoulder. "Ouch! Damn it, Nessa. Do you have to be so fucking violent all the time?""I have yet to become violent, Tiger." Vanessa winked at him."Laugh while you can, RJ." Alec glared at his brother. "It's only a matter of time before she starts beating on you too.""You would never do that, would you my dear, sweet Vanessa?" RJ gave her his sweetest, most innocent smile."Course not." Vanessa grinned. Vanessa watched as RJ looked back at Alec and stuck out his tongue. Her hand snaked out and popped her new brother in the free bbs preteen back of his head."Hey! You said you weren't gonna hit me!" RJ rubbed the back of his head. "Damn, you hit like a dude.""You shouldn't have been so cocky and rub it in to Alec." Vanessa laughed. "Welcome to the maxwell preteen forum family.""Some welcome." RJ grumbled under his breath, but it was all in fun."Ok kids. Let's try meditating as a group." She shifted closer to the guys and reached out her hands to them."Why not." Alec grabbed her hand and reached out his free hand to Reyhen. "At preteens bbs list least we'll know where your hands are.""Shut it, smart ass." Vanessa growled at him.Reyhen looked at the two outstretched hands in front of him curiously. He had never tried meditating while in physical contact with someone, but his siblings seemed to be used tgp preteens to it. He young illegal preteens shrugged his shoulders and grabbed their hands. A calm peacefulness descended upon them as all of their hands were connected. It only took a few seconds for their breathing to be totally in sync with each other.The moment that happened they were pulled into their meditative voids. The sudden lack sexy preteen pic of any thought or emotion was partially alarming, but the peacefulness surrounding them made them feel secure and safe. Time seemed to have no meaning as they gently floated through the void, their bodies totally relaxed. Vanessa's eyes finally fluttered opened and quickly widened in shock."Fuck me." She gasped."I'm gonna wash your mouth out one of..." Alec's voice trailed off as he opened his eyes preteen dorki as well. The words dying on his lips. "Son of a bitch.""What are you two talking about?" RJ's boy pics preteen eye's opened wide with shock as well.The warm sunlight that had filled the room nude preteen thumbnails was long gone, and the trio sat in total darkness. The only light that filled the room was the cool moonlight that filtered through the curtains on the large windows. The siblings slid off the bed and moved towards one of the windows. Alec could tell by the moon's position 3 d preteens that it was early in the evening, but he couldn't understand how that was possible."How is this possible?" Vanessa thought out loud. "I've never been able to trance out like that before, never.""I don't know." RJ looked at his siblings with a bit of fear. "What did you do to me?""Whoa, hang on a second there." Alec reached out and put a reassuring hand on Reyhen's shoulder and softly squeezed. "We didn't do anything to you. Vanessa and I are freaked out as much as you are.""Sorry." Reyhen blushed slightly. "I didn't mean...""No worries." Vanessa nudity preteen girls interrupted him and smiled. "We'll get to the bottom of lil preteens this.""Muse?" Alec called out."Yes, Alec?" Muse's warm voice surrounded them."How long were the three of us meditating?" He asked quickly."Six hours, nine minutes, and eight seconds." Muse responded after a moment."Muse, do you know of any type of meditation that would allow a person to be in such a deep trance state for so long?" Vanessa asked."I do not have that knowledge." Vanessa swore she heard frustration in Muse's tone. "I will begin researching all available online databases immediately. An option to consider while I do this would be to contact Remington." "Whose sweet teens preteens that?" Alec looked curiously at his siblings."That's Remi, my brother." RJ preteen teen pic quietly replied, surprised that Muse would suggest it."Really? That's boy little preteen wonderful. We haven't had a chance to talk about family yet." Vanessa grinned. "Could you give him lsmagazine underage preteen a call?""Sure." RJ paused and took a deep breath. "Or he could just come over.""That would be great, but I was hoping not to wait a day or models preteen nymphets two." Alec laughed."Actually, he's here." RJ glanced nervously at his new siblings. "He's staying in a hotel by the gallery preteens bbs airport.""WHAT!" Vanessa and Alec both yelled.*Remington Armand paced anxiously in the chilly night air outside of the hotel. He shoved a lock of shaggy, chocolate brown preteens beach hair out of his eye, growling at himself for not getting a haircut before their trip. Remi pulled the neck of preteen download photos the tight black turtleneck that covered his muscular body up a bit higher before shoving his preteen hardcore links hands into the pockets of his faded blue jeans. His leather boots made soft slaps preteenmodel against the concrete as he paced back and forth. People coming in and out of the brunette preteen hotel avoided the menacing looking man that was talking to himself."Figures. Kid hasn't even been here a day and shit's already happening." Remi sighed and snapped the gum he was chewing preteen devils on. He would have preferred a cigarette, preteen virtual incest but the hotel's gift shop was already closed for the evening and he forgot to bring preteen non model some with him on their trip. "I shouldn't have come. This was a bad idea. He shouldn't be relying on me so much right now, he should be looking to his real brother and sister for guidance."Remi didn't have the chance to berate himself for the comment he made because his attention was pulled to the sound of roaring tires. A small red sports car preteen shaved models had come flying into the hotel parking lot. Remi dismissed the crazy driver and continued to pace back and forth. The red car pulled up beside him, the passenger window rolling down silently."Remi! Get in!" A voice called out preteen archiv pics from inside the car.Remi leaned down and looked in the car. Surprise appeared on his face as he saw Reyhen sitting behind the wheel. preteen strawberry He opened the door and cautiously slid into the passenger seat. Before he had a chance to pull his seatbelt on, Reyhen had gunned the engine and the car had rushed forward. younge naked preteens Air rushed out of Remi's lungs as he was thrown back against the seat."Fuck yeah!" RJ laughed and pumped his fist in the air. "Since when do you drive like a fucking maniac, Sport?" Remi asked as he quickly buckled the seat belt and gripped the door handle."Awww, is my big brother scared?" RJ grinned and preteen thai girl stroked the leather-clad steering wheel. japanese preteen boobs "This baby practically begs to be driven fast.""Whose car is this?" Remi closed his eyes as they made a sharp fast turn to the left."Alec's. He let me drive it over to pick you up, instead of driving that boring rental we got." Reyhen whooped with excitement as he beautiful preteen model sped down the streets."Isn't that nice." Remi mumbled and looked out the window. His body was pushed forward against the seatbelt as Reyhen swerved into a parking lot. The car jerked to a stop."Talk. Now." RJ turned and stared at his older brother. "What's with the attitude?""I nude preteen swimsuit don't have an attitude." Remi muttered."You're not going to lose me." RJ stated preteen girls uncensored bluntly. Remi looked up at him in surprise. "I figured you've been driving yourself nuts about this. You should have talked to me about it. Just because pubescent preteen pussy we found out that I have two siblings through my birth parents does NOT change the fact that you are still my brother.""I..." Remi stopped as RJ put his hand up to stop him."Let me finish." He reached over and squeezed Remi's thigh. "You've been there for me for as long as I can remember, cp preteen forum and I hope that nothing every changes that. Vanessa and Alec aren't preteens nude clips looking to take over my life, Remi. They are just hoping to become a part thai girl preteen of it. You should have seen their faces when I told them about you.""Why?" Remi's voice was soft."They freaked out." RJ laughed, but sobered when he preteen panty midels saw Remi's look of fear. "It's not what preteen bikini clips you're preteen boys nn thinking. They were totally pissed off that you were at the hotel. young preteen fetish Neither one of them could understand why you didn't come to the house with me.""Really?" Remi wanted foros preteens to kick himself for his short questions."Yes, really." RJ smiled. nude russian preteenz "You're really gonna like them. I know it.""I'm sorry, Sport." Remi put his hand over RJ's. "I know you aren't going anywhere, but after everything that's happened..."RJ leaned over the seat and hugged his brother tightly. Unshed tears filled up in his eyes as he held his brother close. After a few minutes RJ pulled back, and Remi smiled and ruffled his hair."You're not going to lose me." RJ's voice was thick with emotion. "I preteen nudity galleries love you, Remi.""I love you too, Reyhen." Remi leaned back in the seat, his hand clutching the door handle again. "You want continue driving.""I don't drive that bad." RJ laughed and threw the car into reverse, the tires spinning as he pulled out."So, do preteens models undewear you look like them?" Remi asked, trying to take his mind off of the scenery that flew sexy preteen ilegal past his window."It's almost like I'm a mix between the two. I have Vanessa's preteen denmark girls color hair, and the same eyes and body type as Alec, even though he's slightly taller than me." RJ preteen model katja grinned over at Remi. "He's the same height you are. Vanessa said it was good I was built like Alec, since I would look like shit with tits.""What?" Laughter rolled from Remi's lips."Yeah." RJ laughed. "It seems that Vanessa and I share a sense of humor.""Merlin help us." Remi muttered."You're an odd one, brother." RJ winked at him. "Actually, Alec reminds me a lot of you. He's more of the strong, silent type, but you can always depend on him. He's always ready to give you a hug when you need one too.""You seem to know them fairly well already." Remi looked at his brother curiously. "Especially since the three of you were zoned out most of the time.""I know, it's weird, but it doesn't feel weird." RJ pulled up into the driveway of the Manor, stopping at the massive gates. "It's almost like I've known them my whole life.""Did you feel like this before or after you meditated?" Remi asked."After." RJ responded, but wasn't paying attention. He was leaning out the window and ukrainian preteen site keying in the security code to open the gate.Remi was amazed by the grounds and couldn't wait to see them in the daylight. His eyes widened as the Manor pulled into view. RJ had said the house was impressive, but he never expected how large and beautiful it truly was. preteen models princess He stood in awe for a moment looking up at the Manor. RJ slipped an arm around his brother's waist and grinned."I told you it was impressive." He chuckled as preteen sex boy Remi nodded. "Come on."RJ pulled Remi up onto the large covered porch and towards the front door. He knew not to knock or pics russian preteen ring the bell. Vanessa and Alec had both been very clear that he was to treat the Manor like it was his home. Vanessa even going so far to threaten some form of painful punishment if he didn't listen, and RJ wasn't going to tempt the fates and find out what she meant.The door swung soundlessly open and they stepped into the foyer. Remi's eyes were scanning nearly everywhere at once. The house had a majestic feeling to it, but it wasn't overwhelming. It was obvious that the house was lived in and that made gay preteen stories it young preteen vaginas every preteens fuck free welcoming. RJ was going to call out to his siblings that they had arrived, but Vanessa's voice drifted in from the living room. RJ put a finger to his lips, motioning Remi to be quiet.RJ moved quietly towards the living room and held back the chuckle that threatened to slip from his lips. Vanessa preteen jap models had chat gay preteen changed into a tight pair of black and silver spandex shorts with a matching bandana holding her long thick hair off of her face. She was dancing in front of the fireplace, a dust rag in her hand. It was warm in the Manor, and Vanessa had simply thrown on a black sports bra. Her voice was light and melodic as she danced and dusted."Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods?" Vanessa sang and pranced around. "Where's the street-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds?""Need a hero, Sis?" RJ couldn't contain his laughter anymore."Reyhen Jeremiah!" Vanessa stood completely still, keeping her back to them. "Your brother better NOT be preteen bikini halloween standing next to you because you agreed to take him out to dinner so we could tidy up!"Remi glared at RJ, upset that he was getting off on the wrong foot with RJ's new siblings. RJ smiled at him and pushed his brother off to the side into the hallway so Vanessa couldn't see him. He motioned to Remi to stay quiet."No worries, Hun." RJ grinned. "Remi is outside checking out the front of the house. This way preteen web stars I could come in here and warn the two of you.""Good job." Vanessa spun around and moved towards him. "Because otherwise I would have had to kick your ass over all fifteen acres that we have here."She moved faster than RJ had expected, flying past RJ as she ruffled his hair. Before RJ had a chance to move or warn her, Vanessa went speeding into the hallway. She ran directly into Remi, yelping in surprise. It had felt like she had run into a brick wall. Her arms spun as she tried to regain her balance, but it was a losing battle. Vanessa's body tilted backwards as she fell towards the floor. Remi's hands shot out quickly and grabbed her slim waist. He tried to pull her back upright, but he wasn't fast enough. Remi tilted at the waist, at least hoping to keep her from hitting the floor. RJ watched in fascination as Remi had turned preteen pedo photo Vanessa's fall into graceful, low dip. Vanessa's eyes widened in underage nudist preteens shock when she felt her body stop. She had expected to feel herself slam into the floor."What?" Vanessa gazed up into preteen gothic virgans the eyes of her free pictures preteens savior. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest as she looked deep into the warm, hazel eyes that were staring down at her. underage nymphet preteen "You must be...""Remington Armand." Remi's rich voice made her pulse quicken even more. "At your service."Author's Note - For the must updated chapters and info about my stories, check out my yahoo group,
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